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a cap of $100,000 off assessed value for homeowners 80 and older.

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Today, the allure of saving thousands of dollars on property taxes has enticed an alarming number of people to try to "game the system" in Pelham, McDevitt commented.

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Snide and Hurley said they had discovered at least "one or two people" were less than truthful when providing financial information in applying for the exemptions. In other instances, some heirs to properties continued to benefit from an elderly exemption by failing to approach town officials about ending the tax break after the senior property owner died, Snide said.

Snide also reported that in the past year the number of phone inquiries made to her office by potential home buyers from out of town who appeared to be "exemption shopping" had increased noticeably.

to do property assessments, reported that of 43 elderly exemptions granted in the past fiscal year, 39 applicants received the 100 percent benefit. The 43 elderly exemptions amounted to $9,521,000 in assessed value deferred, or $232,320 in tax revenue obligations that were passed on to younger property owners, Snide informed the board.

The amended elderly exemption being proposed by selectmen, to take effect in July would reconfigure the age ranges and savings from a two tier system to three tiers consisting of: $33,000 off assessed value for property owners 65 74; $85,000 off assessed value for Red Prada Shoulder Bag those 75 79; and $100,000 off assessed value for those 80 and older.

"As things stand now, elderly people can bring family members into their homes to live with them and the family members' income won't get calibrated, so they're living in the house tax exempt," Gleason said. "We've sent a request to the state Legislature to modify the definition to qualify for the exemption, to change it household income as opposed to individual."

Currently, Pelham and Newington are the only New Hampshire municipalities that offer full property tax exemptions to their most elderly homeowners. Pelham also grants a 33 percent reduction in property taxes to homeowners 65 74.

changes to the elderly exemption needed to be made.

Concerns about a spike in the number of elderly property owners, 75 and older, seeking savings of as much as $7,000 annually by paying zero property taxes on a $300,000 single family home, has the board backing a Town Warrant article that would dramatically reform the terms of the exemption, including setting Gucci Belt Dragon

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´╗┐Pelham tapping brakes on senior tax breaks

If such an exemption is passed, the 80 year old owner of a $300,000 Pelham home, for example, would see their property tax bill reduced by $2,287, rather than receiving the full $7,000 exemption, according to the manager of Pelham's Town Assessors Office Susan Snide.

Additionally, an influx of 55 plus residential communities in Pelham in recent years has further threatened to shift more of the town's overall property tax burden onto younger property taxpayers, selectmen noted while discussing whether Gucci Backpack With Birds

PELHAM The current 100 percent property tax exemption for Pelham's most elderly homeowners appears to be headed the way of the rotary telephone, according to Selectmen Chairman Ed Gleason.

"Who knew Pelham was going to get much bigger and there were people who would game the system we have now?" McDevitt said. "Because when there are significant advantages, like a $7,000 tax break, some people figure, 'what the heck?' It's human nature. So now we're being forced into a fairly rigorous (exemption) system."

Yet another one of the new, "more rigorous" features of the revamped exemption involves clarifying the state Legislature's definition of a "household income," Gleason noted.

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Appearing before selectmen last month, Snide and Monica Hurley, of Corcoran Consulting, the private company Pelham contracts with Gucci Dionysus Supreme Mini

Gleason predicted the proposed changes to the elderly exemption will please a majority of voters in March.

"We've already had phone calls coming into Town Hall saying 'Yay, you're doing the right thing in stopping these big exemptions,' " Gleason said. "We think it'll be positively received as making things more fair."

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The updated elderly exemption, if passed, would empower the assessor's office to do "far more comprehensive digging into an applicant's credit history," Snide said.

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According to Selectman William McDevitt, the town's almost unique 100 percent elderly exemption was the brainchild of longtime Pelham Budget Committee member and state Rep. Tom Kirby, now deceased. "It was just a generous act by Tom Kirby, that's all very, very generous to elderly homeowners in town living on a fixed income," said McDevitt. "At the time it was approved, (in 1996) people thought it was a good idea."

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